Year 1: Paddington Class

Today Miss Leatherland found a mysterious box in the classroom. It contained lots of different items about the characters in our new story. The children predicted who and what might happen in the story based on the objects and we thought about what the title of the story might be.


In PE we were working on mindfulness, balance and co-ordination (Miss Leatherland kept wobbling over). We completed a yoga story all about space and had to perform different movements to act out a story. Everyone tried really hard and definitely felt the benefits of the yoga session.

This afternoon we had some time to go into the library and explore the books in school. We looked at how we look after the library so the books are well looked after and enjoyed sharing the stories with our friends.

In Maths we have been learning about addition and using resources to support our calculations. We have used numicon, number lines, objects and many more ideas. I have been very impressed with how the children have had a great growth mindset with the trickier concepts, everyone has tried very hard! Well done!

Forest school- Last week we began to look at the different trees we could find in the forest. We hugged the trees to feel the bark and described what the different bark felt like. We then realised that lots of the trees felt different therefore began to look at other ways they are different. The children completed bark rubbing using crayons. Beau said “The pattern is like the tree is telling us its sentence and story- its a sentence for a tree.”


Miss Leatherland šŸ™‚

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