The day the chairs and tables quit!

There have been some strange events in Year 2 recently. On the first day back, the area was full of crayons! They had thrown themselves all over the floor and they decided to quit. There were letters all over the tables telling us that they were tired, short and stubby and they needed a break.

We received a new letter from turquoise crayon and he was trying to persuade Duncan to use him instead of the blue crayon. We’ve been learning it and analysing the features carefully.

On Tuesday we came into the classroom and to our amazement, the chairs and tables had decided that they had had enough! We realised it must have been because we weren’t being careful with them, bashing them into each other and not tidying them up properly.

Luckily, we have been learning all about persuasion in English so we wrote some very persuasive letters to the chairs and the tables to encourage them to come back. We made sure we told them if they came back, we would tidy them up and we’d take more care with them. It was the perfect solution!

It was quite challenging writing on the floor all morning but the letters we wrote were brilliant and luckily, we were able to move them all back into a new layout before lunchtime. Phew!

We’re now looking forward to writing our persuasive letters to Duncan from a new coloured crayon of our choosing.

Miss Gedney

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