Year 1 Church Trip

Year 1 have been learning all about Christianity in their RE lessons therefore to consolidate their learning we went to St Benedicts Church. The children walked beautifully to the church and on their way pointed out key features of East and West Hunsbury that we have been learning about in our Geography lessons. The children were very careful when crossing the road and sang the nativity songs or played eye spy most of the way there.


When we arrived at the church Reverend Anne welcomed us and spoke to everyone about the Christian faith and why people might visit a church. She showed us a humungous bible which took 4 children to carry and she performed a pretend christening and wedding. The children loved acting out the christening and wedding with some of them being  godparents, bridesmaids, father of the bride etc.


When Reverend Anne had told us the key information on the Christian faith we then went around the church to have a look at what we noticed. Many of the children recognised the symbol of the cross and found the statue of Mary and Jesus. We then used our sketch books to draw different parts of the church.


It was a fantastic morning out and we all enjoyed our trip. Well done for your impeccable behaviour Year 1, you were a credit to the school.

Miss Leatherland, Mrs Skuse and Miss Twigg. 🙂

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