Year 1- Paddington Showcase

Wow we are all full of smiles and joy after our fantastic showcase today. The children were so excited to show off their amazing work and I am sure you will join me in saying how proud every child should be at the fantastic outcome they have created. Once all of the families had left school, we then walked around every class to see all the other children’s work. Paddington Class were fascinated by all of the work around the school and were very proud of their friends and siblings pieces.


Honey- I liked finding my sisters work, it was amazing.

Kevin- I loved everything about today, I am so proud.

Oscar- I liked looking at my brothers work because it was amazing.

Nareen- I liked looking at my sisters work because it was great.

Serraya- I am proud of all of the work the children have done in school.

David- I am so proud of my writing because I tried my best.

Gracie- I liked getting compliments from other children on my work.

Frankie- I liked seeing the older children’s writing.

Karina- I loved everything about today, it was so much fun!

Daria- I have loved everything

Cemre- I liked looking at the other children’s work.


Well done everyone 🙂


Miss Leatherland

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