Phenomenal Story Openers

Breathtakingly good opening paragraphs for our fairy horror stories in Churchill Class.


It was like no other day, the sky was scary and dark, no birds tweeted. Will and Elven rode their bikes to the mysterious, dark, gloomy forest. It was like a death trap. As they biked along the treacherous forest floor, the roaring wind bit at their cheeks. The trees were dancing wildly as the wind blew. Looming darkness approached them. They could taste bitterness melting in their mouths.


After what seemed like an eternity of staying in the unnatural indoors, Jane headed into her vast garden. A pristine place, perfectly kept. Apart from the forbidden shed. Its lock was so aged that- even with it’s partnered key- it couldn’t ever be unlocked. Although Jane’s parents had warned her not to go anywhere near it, she couldn’t resist searching behind it to see if there was a trapdoor or some other way of sneaking in.


After the moon had risen, she decided tonight was the night. Outside the dark walls guarding the hospital, the clouds oozed as if punctured by a sharp object. Moonlight shone through. Guards marched, inspecting every inch of the building, searching for inmates attempting to escape. Her eyes explored their routine, overflowing with doubt that she would ever escape. Her lips, as dry as salt, remained silent. Trembling as coldness attacked her, blood-freezing. Hoping for a chance…


It was like no other day, he had trained all his life for this moment. He was being sent into the blackness above us all. The satellite had detected movement. His heart rate rose rapidly. Beads of sweat fell down his agitated face and he struggled to breathe. The eerie silence surrounded everything and everyone.


Can’t wait to read the next instalments!

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