Year 2 Ennis – Day 3 of Home Learning

Good morning Ennis Class! Happy Wednesday.

On a Wednesday, we would normally have a Singing Assembly. Why not do some singing of your favourite songs at home today?

Today’s English task is to practise your Kinetic Letters. All of the families are on Day 3 of our OneNote. Which family is your favourite family to write? Can you practise your High Frequency Words and Common Exception Words in your most careful Kinetic Letters?

Well done to the 5 children who logged onto Numbots yesterday. Can we improve how many children log in today? I am always checking!

For reading, here is a copy of the Roll and Read dice that is on Day 3’s OneNote. You may not be able to print this out, so just choose from the activities!

This is a website to practise telling the time.

I’ll upload the next few pages of our Class Reader to the section called ‘Ennis Class Reader’

Have a great day! Please don’t forget to email with any problems/celebrations of work!

Miss Gedney

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