Boy Giant

Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re having a great day, have completed your home learning and have enjoyed having some time in your gardens on this beautiful day.

last night, I explained that I would let you know which book I had started reading- it was ‘Boy Giant, Son of Gulliver’ by Michael Morpurgo. If you’re in Churchill class, you’ll recognise this book as we read one of the chapters in a reading lesson. The book is about a boy called Omar who is a refugee from Afghanistan and he is on a journey to a safer land. As you can imagine from Michael Morpurgo, the description is vivid and the first chapter has been very exciting.

What are you reading? Would you recommend it to me? Let me know so I can build up my reading over the coming weeks. Please let your teacher know your suggestions via Office 365 or email.

Mrs Fennelly

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