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Good afternoon Einstein.

Well I have had a wonderful day enjoying reading your stories. I have commented on several pages asking if it’s ok to blog your stories and so far it’s a big, positive ‘yes’ from Maddie.

Here’s her story – isn’t it fantastic? Check back on your pages and if I can blog your story let me know. I’ll post more stories on Monday. Have a fantastic weekend – enjoy the sunshine!


Once there was a girl called Libby who had moved to a village with her family, and her house was near a wood. But, little did that family know the woods held a secret. In the woods lived a black, gloomy, grewsome monster.

On a misty, cold and damp night, Libby woke up with a start, quivering all over. She had heard a rustle outside her bedroom window. She leapt out of bed, pulled out her slippers and tugged on her dressing down.  Libby sneaked downstairs quietly and grabbed her new sword. She entered the woods Alone! Libby (who was sure that there was something here) couldn’t find anything. “I guess it was just my imagination then” said Libby, feeling rather confused as she headed back home to her bed.

A few weeks passed and the village seemed to get quieter really quickly. Libby (who was really curious) wanted to find out why this was happening as no one appeared to be leaving their homes. One day Libby was out in her Front Garden and saw the little girl next door, she decided to ask her to play.

“Do you want to play?” asked Libby

“Sorry, I am not allowed” replied the girl

“why?” said Libby

“Don’t you know about people going missing?” asked the girl

“What do you mean?” Libby said surprised

“People keep saying there is a monster in the woods and it is taking people” said the girl

The girl walked away and Libby returned to her house in shock!

That same night Libby got up quietly, so as not to wake her parents. It was around midnight, she wanted to go and find out if this Monster did exist once and for all. She again grabbed for her sword and went in search for the deadly monster. She search high and low in the deep dark wood and there were no signs of the monster anywhere. She was beginning to think the girl had made it all up. After about half an hour, Libby was just about to leave the woods when something black caught her eye. She spun around and saw the monster! She flung her sword at the creature and ran back home, her heart beating fast, slamming the door shut. Her parents raced downstairs wondering what was happening and Libby explained everything. But, her parents did not believe her, and thought this was another one of Libby’s stories that she made up, as she did have a very good imagination.

Libby lay on her bed thinking about everything that had happened that night. Not even her own parents believed her so why would anyone else?. She remembered that when she flung the sword at the monster, it passed straight through him, so could it be a ghost? Libby knew the fact that because she had tried to kill him, it was likely to come back to haunt her.….

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