Year 5 – Defeat the Monster Stories

This week our English tasks have helped us with ideas for story writing today. We have written ‘defeat the monster’ stories and below is Maja’s wonderful story:

The story of Skulli and The Worm (Ben)

Deep in a far, far away land, there lived a man in the woods in his humble wooden hut. He lived a comfortable life and often visited the three villages that surrounded the village. One day, he was glaring at snails eating his prized cabbage in his garden when from the corner of his eye he noticed a huge, flying , brown worm. It was the most peculiar thing to see! Without any hesitation in the world, he hid. He hid and didn’t come out until he woke up (yes he fell asleep in his hiding place). The next day as he was waking up, he saw people screaming in through all of his windows. Their screaming wasn’t very clear but he did make out one thing, “Kill that beast! It’s the most frightening thing, you know!

“Did it do anything?”, inquired Skulli.

“No but it’s just terrifying” , the crowd yelled back. Just like that, a new adventure started for Skulli. If you are a little confused those people from the villages came to him because in his history he has defeated one other monster (a really large bee). It wasn’t really a monster but oh well. So as I was saying a new adventure began and the fight started in the forest. This time it was night and Skulli was walking about when he saw an enormous, flying, neon yellow worm. Skulli has decided that it was the same beast so he charged right at it with a really spiky stick (ow) but the stick didn’t do any harm to the beast. While he noticed that he failed he was gobbled in a millisecond.

Then, some days later when the villagers found out what happened, one brave man decided that he will get Skulli out of the beasts stomach so that then Skulli can save them (the man is too scared). The next day (or should I say night)the man goes into the forest and finds the flying worm. Soon the worm was found and ate the man (whose name was Dio). Soon Dio entered the stomach and pushed both of them out of the hole in the back of the beasts body. As they got out Dio ran away straight away and so Skulli was left alone. Skulli then did the unexpected, talked to the worm. As they talked Skulli told if he could not come close to any villagers and offered a home in his home as he often found himself being lonely. The worm agreed but they kept talking and as they talked Skulli found out that the worms name was Ben. Wow, Ben, such a simple name. Oh but never mind, now where was I? Oh right, so Ben the worm now lived with Skulli and they had a nice life as friends.

This story wasn’t the longest but at least I made a point. Don’t kill beasts just because they are beasts, you never know, they might have a golden heart. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the moral of this story.

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