Good Morning Lennon-McCartney!

Happy Thursday everyone, I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of the week – this week has gone quite fast, don’t you think?! I am still really enjoying looking at your work online and seeing the creative and thoughtful ideas you are coming up with. Yesterday, your writing task was to create a poem based on Michael Rosen and Quentin Blake’s poem called ‘The Greatest’.

Here’s one of my favourite ‘silly poems’ I read yesterday:

I am the world’s greatest door kicker.

I’ve won trophies for

Door slamming

Handle hammering

Lock throwing

Toe stubbing

Glass shattering

And hinge hurdling


I’m the world’s greatest inventor

I have invented the world’s first

Pizza robot

Talking fence

Chatting, chocolate mug

Square football

Illuminous bike

And cosy heated bed’s for pets


I am looking forward to seeing more fabulous work today and I hope you get outside and enjoy some fresh air too!

Miss Vokes

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