Lennon-McCartney – Tuesday!

Welcome to your second day of learning this week! I have been working hard on my times tables at home trying to earn points for the teachers! Have you managed to earn any points for the students? It’s a close race but the teachers are currently winning so get battling!! Here is my avatar so have a look out for it and see if you can get more points than me.

Your online activities today include creating the monster for your story – if you didn’t manage to create a character yesterday, make sure you find time to do that so that your story will work next week! I am very excited to read and see the chaotic monsters you design today.

If you are looking for additional activities to do at home, don’t forget there are lots of ideas in your home learning pack that you can have a look at.

Finally, I wanted to let you know that you are earning lots of dojos for your online learning – Miss Joinson has been going through your pages and adding on stickers to show you what you have earned so keep working hard and adding those dojos! You will find your dojo certificates on your OneNote page too and these will update every time you reach a new milestone.

Have a great day!

Miss Vokes

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