Year 5 Dyson – Harmonious Hotel

Today as part of our English task, we were asked to write an advert for the ‘Harmonious Hotel’. Here is Chloe’s fantastic advert:

Harmonious Hotel

Do you fancy a really relaxing holiday? Are you looking for a joyful holiday full of brilliant sunshine? Well look no further than the Harmonious Hotel. Who wouldn’t want to stay here?

Here at the Harmonious Hotel we offer a full range of glorious facilities. Sounds amazing?

Why not visit our top of the range restaurant? Our award winning chefs cook up food so delicious it will make your mouth water. Appetising, right?  We also offer an ocean blue swimming pool which with one dip all your troubles would disappear. Fancy a dip?

Do you want to sleep like a baby all night? Our enormous beds with soft cosy pillows and covers will hug  you tight. Love warm steamy showers? Great – that’s all we offer here! Cold showers are the worst – don’t you agree?

Make sure you book today to guatantee our most luxurious suit we have to offer. Do we need to persuade anymore? I thought not.

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