Year 1: Paddington: Brain Breaks

Good morning Paddington Class, I hope everyone is well and you are enjoying doing school work in your pjs (I know I am)!!!! I have been making sure Paddington is keeping up with the online learning on the onenote. There is a lot of work on there and Paddington was finding it a bit tricky to concentrate so we have been having regular brain breaks. Paddington and I decided a good brain break could be for around 5 minutes after he has completed each activity. When he has a brain break, we set a timer and do an activity where he can move around rather than be sat down. We have been doing some of the brain breaks we do at school from YouTube.  (Additionally if you go to YouTube and search: brain breaks for kids, lots of activities will come up. The learning station or Jack Hartmann are great videos to choose from. *Please note some of the Youtube videos have an advert first*

We had great fun shaking the sillies out, singing away to I am the music man and doing the happy dance.

What is your favourite thing to do in your brain breaks?


Miss Leatherland 🙂

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