Good morning Ennis Class

Good morning Ennis Class, happy Monday!

It’s looking a bit grey outside today so we might need to do a sun dance to find that beautiful sunshine again!

Sun dancing Clipart Vector Graphics. 3,170 Sun dancing EPS clip ...

This morning I did PE with Joe. He had a new ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and it was very difficult today but it definitely set me up for the week and I’m feeling really positive. Exercise is a good way to make us feel good. Isabel sent me a video of her and her little sister doing a workout and they were really happy! What exercise do you like doing? I like going for a run too. I don’t have a bike but I’m sure lots of you enjoy a bike ride.

There are some fantastic new activities on our OneNote today. In English you will be reading some non-fiction about a gorilla and then finding out your own facts. This may help your writing at the end of the week when it relates to a story you can listen to.

In Maths, you are working on Fractions because this has been quite tricky. There are some online activities to complete with White Rose maths hub. We’ve used these in class before and I think you’ll enjoy them. Your reading is all about the Grand High Witch and her character. There’s some great descriptions in there this week which will also help your English work. I’ve uploaded another video of me reading the next section of it so I hope you enjoy it. There’s a special focus activity for Spelling and some new topic pages uploaded if you want something different to do this week. There are some fantastic resources on BBC Bitesize and there are so many lessons on your telly too! You can find these on BBC iplayer.

I have also just seen that Paddington 2 is showing on BBC iPlayer. I haven’t seen this yet so I think this will be my ‘wet break’ activity if it starts to rain today!

Here are some pictures of some work in Ennis Class last week. Don’t forget to send me any work you’ve completed. I love seeing it.

Have a great day,

Miss Gedney


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