Lennon-McCartney – Welcome to a new week!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some fun activities with your families. Welcome to the next week of your home learning – I am very excited to see what you complete and I am still really proud of all the effort you are putting in! There is a special video on our OneNote this morning which you will find in the Contents Library. It is in a folder called ‘Message from Miss Vokes’. Have a look and see what you think – I hope you like it! There is also another Class Reader video on the OneNote today. It has been lovely seeing the number of views on each video going up every time, so I know lots of you are keeping up with Mary and her adventures in the gardens of Misselthwaite Manor. Finally, don’t forget you can email me at any point to let me know what you have done, to send me your work or just to write a message to let me know how you are!

Have a great Monday!
Miss Vokes

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