Ennis Class – Tuesday

Good morning Ennis Class and happy Tuesday! Another rainy day unfortunately. On a rainy day at school we’d normally have a wet play! What activities are you going to enjoy doing inside today? Lego? Board Games? Films?

What the end of Patch Tuesday means for businesses – Naked Security

I woke up this morning and joined in with PE with Joe again for another workout.

I enjoyed reading your emails yesterday and this morning and wanted to share some of your work again. Here are Olivia and Freya’s facts about Gorillas from yesterday;s learning.

Today, you are looking at expanded noun phrases in English and writing your own for a picture, in Maths today you have a choice of comfort, stretch and challenge questions relating to all four operations for you to practise what you have learnt. In Reading, you are locating facts and detials about the Grand High Witch.

Mrs Fennelly sent an email to the teachers last night with a link to ‘Design a Superbear’ from John Lewis and Waitrose. We have some budding artists in Ennis Class so this might be a wonderful Art activity for you to enjoy this week. The winning design will be made into a real toy and sold in their stores. These are for the NHS, so it would be good for you to incorporate their uniform or something similar so that we recognise the superheroes that are those who work for the NHS. Send me your finished superbear and I can share them on the blog. Mrs Fennelly would love to see them too. There is a video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXIz5Gs-IwY

Have a great day!

Miss Gedney

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