Lennon-McCartney – Terrific Tuesday

Hello Lennon-McCartney! I hope you enjoyed your learning yesterday and are ready for another day today! The weather is not looking as sunny any more, but you can still complete lots of activities indoors to keep yourselves busy. Have a look at the Topic Based Learning if you haven’t already – you have a History task about being a historian and thinking about what time period you might like to travel back to. I have read a brilliant piece of work on this already about going back to the Tudor period to find out what it was like in Henry VIII’s court and who worked there. What time period would you like to travel back to? You also have a Music task about pitch and a Science task to make a mini-beast from junk / recycling. This would be a great activity to do if you are inside today.

I started listening to an audiobook yesterday which was great because I could just sit and listen to someone else reading to me! If you would like to listen to some free stories online, have a look at this website which has lots of stories for you to choose from: https://stories.audible.com/start-listen

Here are a few from the children’s section that you might enjoy but there are lots more:

As always, I am looking forward to seeing your work today so have fun!

Miss Vokes

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