Hello Lennon-McCartney!

Good morning everyone! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s learning. Today, we are going to carry on planning your stories for writing. I am so excited to read what you would like to happen next – your ideas yesterday were brilliant!

I have been wondering what books you have been reading at home, as we know reading lots of books can help us think of new ideas for writing! I was enjoying The Explorer text from Reading so much that I have started reading it myself – it is such an exciting adventure story! What books have you been reading?

Lots of the teachers have been reading books too. On the OneNote page in the Contents Library you will find that I have added another page into ‘Other Activities’ called ‘Stories’. In there, you will find a link to a Sway of Mrs Egan reading a story to you with her children. She also posted it on a blog yesterday so you can take a look.

Have a great day!

Miss Vokes

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