Good Morning!


Good morning Everyone
Surprise!  I am sure you didn’t expect a blog from me today!  Don’t worry- Mrs Haigh is absolutely fine but I have been missing the children and parents in our school and so Mrs Haigh very kindly said that I could be the one to say hello to you today.
The weather is so different to last week when I was sitting in my garden, reading you a story.  I am quite glad it is raining actually as I have planted some new trees in my garden and they need the rain for a really good drink. Even though it has been raining so much, I have been putting on my wellies and coat and going for a walk with my husband and my daughter.  When nobody is looking, I have a quick splash in the puddles- shh, don’t tell anyone.  I wonder what you have been doing to pass the time while it has been so wet.
I am so happy to be able to blog because I am so proud of your hard work. Mrs Haigh has been telling me about the many photos that your parents have been sending of your work.  She is delighted that you are all trying so hard and I know you have been doing some lovely things – I know, for example, that you have been learning about Sidney the Spider and imitating the text by swapping words ( I don’t like spiders much- Sidney isn’t scary is he?) Not only that, I think you have been reading and writing spider poems and I am very excited about being able to read some of them.

I spotted Mrs Haigh recording the class reader in Wiggins classroom last week.  Where will she be reading from today do you think?  Can you think about the story so far and tell your mum or dad what you think might happen next?   I think you have been reading stories at home like Owl Babies and Hairy MacClary.  I have some of those stories in my house- I will find them and read them to you.

Remember to keep practising your number facts.  I saw a lovely piece of work on the blog earlier this week and I know there have been some wonderful videos of you splitting numbers in to different parts using counters, coins, number lines and Numicon.  That sounds fabulous – I hope you had fun doing this.
You have so much work to be busy with, I really must stop writing but … before I do, I think I should set today’s kindness challenge.  My challenge to you is to help your mum or your dad to do one of the household jobs today. Can you put your clothes in the washing basket, pick up your toys or set the table for tea?  I would love to hear what you have done to be kind to your parents and meet my challenge.
Have a good day today and keep trying hard.  Have a lovely weekend too.
Mrs Rosevear

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