Nonsense Poetry- Year 6

Your nonsense poems have been brilliant and have really made me smile. Well done, Year 6! Here is an example of one the many super poems we have read. This one has been written by Kayla:

On the Island of Dangdoo

On the island of dangdoo 

You will find a zoo

Where the Pink Pandas eat Mr Chew

Next to the Worbling Cuckoo


Then in their cave

Dancing a rave

Are the Zebra Bear called Dave

And his mate Ben ‘The Brave’


Then they hear a loud ping

They all start to sing

Stand around in a ring

And out comes the FINGALING


This is the rarest of birds

As it looks so absurd

Has no feathers but it’s furred

And eats lemon curd


I’m not sure if you’ve heard

That if you see this bird

Your speech becomes slurred

And your eyesight goes blurred


Because if you hear it sing

Your ears start to ring

From the ‘Ching-Ding-Dong-Ping’

The song of the rare FINGALING

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