Good Morning Matilda Class!

Good morning Matilda class,

Did you know that tomorrow is VE Day (Victory in Europe Day)? I’ve been reading about this event to find out more. Here’s what I know so far…

Victory in Europe Day/VE Day took place on May 8th 1945. It was a public holiday and day of celebration to mark the defeat of Germany by the Allied forces in Second World War. VE Day marked the formal conclusion of the war with Germany and brought to an end six years of suffering, courage and endurance across the world.

  • People ran out on to the streets, hanging bunting and banners and dancing.
  • Church bells pealed across the country to share the news: peace in Europe!
  • Everyone brought out food to share at street parties.
  • Tuesday May 8th was to be a national day of celebration: Victory in Europe Day.
  • The capital city, London, was the place to be on VE Day.
  • The centre of London was full of people wearing red, white and blue, waving flags, dancing and singing.

Will you be doing anything to celebrate this special celebration? Will you be wearing red, white and blue?

Families on my street have organised a ‘social distancing’ street party. Each house will sit on picnic blankets on their front lawn with a tasty picnic. Although, we wont be able to celebrate properly together, it will still be special to share this event with them from afar.

Enjoy your three day weekend and I look forward to hearing from you next week.

Mrs Chamberlain






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