Good Morning Wiggins and Robinson Class

Another beautifully sunny day stretches ahead of us today, what will the day bring?

There are plenty of learning activities for you to complete today on your notebook along with an extra challenge and some light entertainment! Within our very own team we have a budding film director, producer and camera person – can you guess who I am talking about? Head to the “Wonderful You” section of your work and check out the trailer for a real Hollywood blockbuster!

Why not tackle the challenge of making a puppet? There are lots of ideas to help you including using paper bags, socks and cylinders. Please have a go at making some puppets and send your photos to me.

I wonder if you are doing anything tomorrow to celebrate V E Day. There are lots of ideas that families can do to make the day special. If you are doing something, I would love to hear about it.

Have a wonderful day and a fabulous long weekend!

Mrs Haigh



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