Mozart – A Big Thank you!

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all ok. Today is your last day of home learning for this week because tomorrow is a bank holiday! I have been really impressed with the hard work you have been putting in to your home learning tasks and I am super proud of you all. I know that things are different to usual and I know some of you are missing being at school (me included!) but you really are doing a great job. Lots of people have pictures of rainbows up in their windows at the moment as a way of supporting and saying ‘thank you’ to the wonderful people who work for the NHS. In today’s blog, I wanted to say a big thank you to not only you for working hard at home, but to all of the grown ups who are helping you with your home learning too because they are doing a fantastic job. So, as a little extra task today, think of a way to say thank you to the grown ups who are helping you with your home learning. It might be as simple as saying ‘thank you’, giving them a hug, or even drawing them a picture. Whatever it is, I know that it will put a smile on their faces!

I hope you all enjoy your three-day weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

Miss Harris



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