Good Morning Wiggins and Robinson Class!

Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and managed to celebrate VE day on Friday in some special way.

I have put lots more learning on your notebook ready for today. Check out the new reading text which is part of  The BFG by Roald Dahl, a story from Mrs Egan, some maths challenges and plenty of other things to stretch and challenge you.

Talking of stretching and challenging yourselves…… why not add an extra bit of exercise to your daily routine? I have decided to try and be more healthy! There are some easy ways of doing this but try to think of exercise, what you eat, talking to your family and sleep for starters.

Why not keep a Healthy Diary for the week? Jot down or draw what you do each day that is part of healthy living. I would love to see the ways you are keeping fit and healthy. Perhaps five minutes skipping, some time on the trampoline, a bowl of fruit salad. Let me know what you are doing to look after you body and mind.

Have a fabulous day everyone!



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