Superhero Tuesday for Reception!

Good morning Reception!

Well it’s another Superhero day. Today we would like you to think about what your Superhero might say. Will they say it loudly? If they do …. then remember to include an exclamation mark!

There are new reading books on a Tapestry today, so remember to read the book from your colour band. However, please feel free to read any of the other books as well. We know how much you all love a challenge!

Maths today is your personalised learning but we have also included a repeating shape pattern activity. See if you can continue the patterns using the correct colours and shapes. Can you create your own pattern? We would love to see them if you do.

We look forward to seeing all of your Tapestry observations later. Keep up the good work everyone and have a super day.

The Reception Team ⚡️💥


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