Good Morning Year 4!


Morning Year 4.
Guess who?  Don’t peek at the bottom- see if you can guess: I love maths (teaching it and having a maths problem myself), I love learning new things, I love to run and ….I miss you.  Any ideas?  Read on and see.
I must just quickly say that Miss Vokes and Miss Harris are both well and setting your work today but I am missing you very much.  I miss seeing you popping your things in the lockers in the morning, practising TTRS, working with Mrs Buckley and Miss Joinson, working with some of you myself and also hearing you recite your text maps for your Talk for Writing.  School is very quiet without you all.
I said a minute ago that I love to learn new things and it is true.  I have had to learn some new skills since we have been away from school so that I can keep doing my job- I think lots of other teachers across the country have had to as well.  I know that you have been getting used to learning to work in a different way.  What new things have you been learning, I wonder?  I know you have been adding description to your writing and also practising column subtraction.  I think you have started reading ‘The Explorer’ too.  I wonder though, have you learnt some other skills without even noticing?  Can you add ideas to a page or attach files to onenote?  Maybe you have learnt to set your work place on your own or you have managed to work out the right answer while your mum or dad are busy.  Working at home has made us all learn new skills.
I have enjoyed being able to see some of the great work you have been doing at home.  I have been really impressed by the things you have done- for example, maths games you have created and I am sure I have even seen the odd song and a rap! I am so proud of you all for working so hard and impressing Miss Vokes, Miss Harris and me.
I am started to get carried away and think of so many things I want to tell you but I know you have work to do ( and so do I!) so I really must stop writing. But…before I go, I wanted to tell you that I have recorded some poems for you.  Not poems I have written, poems written by famous authors that I think you might enjoy.  I hope you do. They will be uploaded onto your Stories pages on your One Note.
Finally, I have a challenge for you.  I would like you to think of someone special who deserves a small act of kindness. It could be your brother or sister, may be your mum or dad.  Write a note to make them smile and pop it somewhere where they might find it- under their pillow, under your tea plate or on their favourite chair.  Tell them how much you love them and why you are grateful that they are your family. I look forward to hearing about these when I see you.
Right, I really must go now.  Have a great week of learning.  Remember to work hard and that we are all so proud of you.
Mrs Rosevear 😀

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