The film has been released!

Good morning Wiggins and Robinson Class!

Well, the wait is over. Miss Birch Productions has released the long anticipated film version of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt! Yippee! Head to the Wonderful You section of your note book, scroll down to the bottom and enjoy! It is such a brilliant piece of cinematography, who knew she had so many hidden talents?

I am glad to see from your emails that you are all working hard. Don’t forget to keep up the class reader, The Creakers. It is getting very exciting. Will the grown ups ever return to Whiffington Town? Can Lucy outsmart the monsters? What has happened to Ella and Norman? There is so much to find out. I want to finish it but also don’t want it to end!

How are you getting on with your healthy challenges? I did the workout with Joe Wicks yesterday and went for a quick run in the evening, made sure I had lots of fruit and tried to go to bed earlier than usual. I am sure you are finding ways to stay fit and healthy.

So, enjoy the film and the rest of your day!

Mrs Haigh



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