Lennon-McCartney – National Numeracy Day!

Good morning everyone! Did you know that today is National Numeracy Day – this means there are people all over the country celebrating the importance of Maths. There is a website dedicated to today’s virtual festival and there are lots of videos, activities, games and things for you to read today – they even have some famous mathematicians doing talks. Here is the link for the website if you would like to have a look today: https://www.numeracyday.com/

What do you enjoy about Maths? Remember Maths is part of so many everyday activities – baking, travelling, telling the time, measuring, estimating and so much more! You use your Maths skills without even realising sometimes which is why they are so important!

I thought that I would add some additional Maths challenges on here for you to look at if you have time today. Here is a link to a game called Tricky Track that you can have a go at – you will need some dice to play this game but you could find these from board games that you have at home. If not, you could always make your own! https://nrich.maths.org/2150

Also, here is a puzzle for you to try using 20 cards. You could make these cards or draw your working out onto paper.

Let me know via email if you manage to complete either of these challenges or if you do anything that uses your Maths skills today!

Have a great day of home learning too.

Miss Vokes

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