Story writing – Dahl Class

Good morning everyone!

I would just like to share some of the stories I was very lucky to read at the end of last week. Well done for working hard on your choice of adjectives and sentence structures. I am really looking forward to seeing your work on the theme of trolls this week!

Story extracts:

Thiefa grabbed his old patched up bag to collect money and diamonds. He also picked up his big dagger, his quick explosive bombs and some special devices. He then leapt out of the open window and sprinted toward the city, heading for the bank. 

The empty bank was colossal, almost as big as a giant’s bank. It was lit by a dim light, as dim as a broken torch. There were enormous glittering jewels in a great glass box. They looked very expensive. All around there were large shiny metal vaults with code locks on them so nobody could steal all the large sacks of money. The bank smelt of shiny gold coins, it was a metal smell that was everywhere. Suddenly there was a massive explosion in the walls, thick smoke and dust spread around the bank. The cameras were blinded! The daring heist was ready to start.       William

It was lunchtime in the boarding school and Olaf was heading for the staffroom. When he reached the staffroom he grabbed a glass of warm, delicious coffee before joining the other Snow-teachers at their large messy desk. In those few minutes Olaf had settled down at his desk and enjoyed drinking his mug of strong coffee. During his break, whilst they were all looking at their next lessons Olaf pronounced, “I’ve decided to take my class to the cinema on Friday because they are showing Frozen 1 and 2 and they have been so well behaved.” Just then, one of the Snow teachers started bellowing about how bad their class behaved, then the other teachers started arguing with each other. Olaf was sat on his favourite spinning chair, when one of the snow teachers bumped into his desk, knocking his only picture of his father over that crash landed to the floor. Sinking deeper into his chair he was reminded of the warning his father had given him.        Emily

Rose began to daydream and then she suddenly spotted the shaggy cobwebs, horrifying spiders, evil cats and worst of all the sound of witches cackling. Everyone heard the cackling and began to worry. “We need to find a way to stop this” said one of the people. “I agree” said Rose. Rose went back to her house to get her duster and then went back and dusted all the shaggy cobwebs away and the huge clumps of dust. Next, they scooped the spiders into a cup and put them outside. Finally, they tamed the cat and they were happy again.      Shanade

Two years ago I had an unforgettable holiday in the giant mountains in Italy! It was a beautiful summer day, the sun was shining and the weather was perfect when we went to the mountains. Nature was so beautiful as if it were painted in different colours! The white, fluffy clouds seemed to be above the giant mountains. It was very quiet around, only the birds could be heard singing happily.     Sofia

… Jef was placing a dynamite bottle near a big pile of boulders as grey as a rhino. He was setting it on fire when Dad accidentally kicked it. Then Dad screamed as loud as a lions roar. It was flying in the air. Higher and higher it went. When it whistled through the air it bounced on the walls and smashed through the construction site and blew it up which set off the mine cart. Fire was everywhere red hot fire.

People were screaming and running around as if they didn’t know what to do. So Jef lead them down, then up across to a big mine cart. It was a bumpy ride but then they were finally out. Then they called the fire fighter’s service. Once the fire fighter put the fire out they discovered a big, beautiful diamond on the wall and rainbow coloured diamonds scattered around it.    Reuben

Mrs Hateley


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