Another busy day for Reception!

Hello Reception!

Today we are going to be continuing with our work on this week’s theme of ‘People Who Help Us’. We are going to be labelling some pictures of some Key Workers and then using those words within sentences. Please log in to Tapestry for today’s tasks and the team look forward to seeing all of your work as it comes in throughout the day.

Optional extra – As we are thinking about ‘People Who Help Us’ this week, we will think about the amazing doctors, nurses and hospital staff who are doing an amazing job helping people to get better from the Coronavirus. Over the last couple of months, pictures of rainbows have been used to show our appreciation and also as a symbol of hope. Today, I saw a fun science investigation called ‘How to grow a rainbow’ which I have screen shot and uploaded incase anybody would like to have a go. I am going to see if my girls would like do this activity at home. It looks like great fun!

We have also uploaded new reading books, so don’t forget to read the book from your colour band and learn your tricky words. It’s great for us to see the fantastic progress that the children are making, whilst working at home, so thank you all for all your hard work!

Have a good day,

The Reception Team


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