Mozart – Enjoying the Sunshine

Hello everyone,

Can you believe how lovely the weather is already this morning? I am really enjoying the lovely weather we have had this week and I am making the most of it by going for some long walks where I live. I have discovered lots of new bridleways and routes to walk in my local area over the past few months which is lovely. One bridlepath took me next to a field full of cows. As I walked down the pathway, the cows walked alongside me in their field! Have you got a favourite route to walk at the moment?

I also like spotting all of the rainbows in people’s windows, as well as seeing all of the lovely, colourful flowers in the fields. Talking of flowers, I am very excited because the magnolia tree that I planted in my garden a while ago is beginning to flower! I also found some old plant pots at the back of my garden that were empty and decided to give them a new lease of life by painting them a different colour. They now look as good as new ready for some flowers to be planted in them.

I hope you all have a great day and enjoy the lovely weather today. As always, I am looking forward to reading all of the work you complete today!

Miss Harris



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