Year 5 Dyson – Brilliant Writing

Well done Dyson class for your brilliant writing yesterday as part of your English task. Here is a great one:

Sarah and Simon went to their local library to see what games they would be able to play. The library was rectangular in shape and vast in size. So vast in fact, that you could probably get lost inside for weeks.

While going through the game section, they found something that intrigued them but also something that would change their lives forever…………

As Simon wiped the dust from the tattered box, a title embossed with intricate gold patterns appeared, it read,¬†Astounding Adventures. As they laid the game board out and took out the dice, a portal in the middle of the board opened, like the mouth of hell. Out leapt a pale green goblin with long needle point claws, a dagger on his tunic and fiery yellow eyes. He stalked Simon and Sarah like a tiger tracking his prey. He leapt over them, barely missing their heads and launched himself towards a bookshelf, dagger drawn. The goblin stabbed his dagger into an ancient book and a river of paper flew out, landing in front of the children explaining their next challenge. They had to solve the goblin’s riddles by scouring the library bookshelves for the correct information and the answer to his riddles. With the ferocity of a wild beast, the goblin started slashing at the librarian, Mrs. Ink, who cowered in fear. Simon and Sarah knew immediately, their hopes of any help were now gone. They had to race to get the books before the goblin destroyed everything in sight and their only chance of finding the answers……….

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