Ennis Class – 3d shapes and half term!

Hello Ennis Class,

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday. I wanted to share these pictures of Anay working hard with the 3d shapes activity yesterday! Can you tell what 3d shape he is making? It was such a fun activity and I hope you all enjoyed it. I love this lesson, mainly because we get to eat the sweets after!

Today marks the last day of the first half of the Summer term! I can’t believe that half term is here already but I just wanted to say a big big well done for all of your hard work. There’s a new page on the OneNote in Ennis Class page with a message from me and some special virtual stickers to celebrate your learning. I’ve also uploaded some fun science based activities for half term if you need something to fill your day with!

Enjoy your last day of home learning today. I am so proud of you and hope you have a lovely week off. Enjoy the sunshine and stay safe.

I’ll ‘see you’ after half term šŸ™‚

Miss Gedney

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