Fairy Garden – Craft and story


I thought I would show you  the fairy garden we have made to give you an idea of something you might like to make over the school holiday.  In this Sway I share a story called Freddie and the Fairy and show you Jessica’s fairy garden which might give you some ideas.


There are lots of rhyming words in the story. When words rhyme, they sound similar and usually have similar spellings. Can you think of other words that rhyme with the things that Freddie wishes for?

Dog, frog, log…

Cat, bat, sat…

Mouse, louse….

Why was the fairy in the story feeling sad? If a fairy granted you a wish what would you wish for?

Please do share any photos you have of the fairy gardens you make.  You might like to leave a note for the fairies and see if they write back to you if they visit.

Have a lovely half term and good luck hunting for fairies!

Mrs Egan


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