Well done Wiggins and Robinson Class

Well, what can we say? We are so proud of you all for your super hard work over the past weeks. It has been very strange hasn’t it? We are missing being with you all every day but are very pleased with how you are getting your home learning done and how some of you are coming to school to work hard.

Next week is half term so take some time to relax and enjoy being with your families. We thought you might like a holiday challenge too though so we are going to ask you to draw or write something you do to exercise each day. I plan to keep my walking and running going everyday and might try a bit of yoga. Have you managed to do any Cosmic Yoga or Pace Setters challenges whilst you are away from school?

We hope you have a wonderful week next week – don’t forget to do your home learning today though! Catch up on the videos of me reading the class reader too, we are getting close to the end!

Have a lovely day

Mrs Haigh, Miss Birch, Miss Berry and Mrs Lockey



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