Year 4 – OneNote Information

Good morning Year 4!

We hope you had a lovely half term break and enjoyed the sunshine! Before half term, lots of you were having problems with your OneNote being slow and work not syncing. To help with this, we have moved all of your work from before half term to a different OneNote in order to free up space on the class notebooks. Don’t worry though, all of your work is safe! From now on, you will only be able to see your work for the current week. This is to help your OneNote load quicker and sync properly so that you will be able to access your home learning tasks.

As lots of things have changed on your class OneNote, you might find that it needs around five minutes to sync when you first log in after half term. If, when you log in, you find your OneNote isn’t showing all of the work on your home learning tasks, you can sync your notebook to help. Mrs Chisholm has kindly shared a video with us that she showed Year 5. Click on the link here to find out how to sync your notebook.

We hope you have a great day and look forward to seeing all of your home learning this week!

Miss Harris and Miss Vokes

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