A great start to the term

Good morning Wiggins and Robinson Class!

Yesterday was the first day of the new term and what a brilliant day it was! Some of you came to school and got stuck in with our new way of learning. All the teachers in the SU were extremely proud of you all for adapting so well to our new arrangements. Others of you stayed at home and continued with your learning there. Thank you for sharing what you were doing at home, it seems like you are working very hard too.

In our classrooms yesterday, we had a very unusual visitor whilst we were outside playing. It left us some clues to that we used to solve the mystery. After close examination, we concluded that a dragon had been in, messed up the rooms and breathed fire which had burned some books. Thank heavens we were outside when this happened – well most of us were. Poor Miss Birch had a very close escape. Take a look at the pictures to see the mess it left. I will let you imagine where the green slimy gunge came from – YUK! We had better learn how to trap one of these beasts just in case it comes back!

Mrs Haigh


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