On the allotment with Miss Morrison


Miss Morrison’s Allotment


Hello Year 1.

As it is a wet and miserable week, I did not get to visit my allotment  as much as I would have liked to other than to water my polytunnel and pick some salad vegetables.

I did manage to harvest some sweet juicy strawberries, which I am going to eat with some ice-cream after my dinner yum yum. Here is a picture of them a week ago and look at how ripe and red they are now. You don’t need lots or room to grow strawberries. This year I decided to grow mine in pots because last year’s crop was eaten by slugs, birds and anything that moves. So far so good wouldn’t you agree.



If you were a vegetable  what kind of vegetable would you be?

Can you draw a picture of your vegetable and put it on the school blog for us all to see?


Who Am I?


I have a furry skin.

I smell delicious!

I have a large stone inside.


I am from the same family as onions.

I am green and white.

I am long and straight.


Have you guessed what they are?



It’s not just Miss Morrison who has been growing seeds at home. Thomas has also been very busy with his family.

Thomas has enjoyed taking pictures of the fruit and vegetables growing in his garden. He has been growing beans and peas, carrots and strawberries. One of the strawberries is nearly ready to eat and  they are waiting for some others to ripen. Here are some photographs from Thomas.



Here is a message from Thomas:
“Last night a black bird was hopping in our garden getting worms for its babies and it pecked one of our ripe strawberries! Mummy has put a net over them so he can’t do it again! We ate the ripe strawberries with our breakfast, they were delicious!”


If you have been busy growing fruit, vegetables or flowers at home. We would love to hear all about them. Send the year 1 teachers an email.


Best wishes

Year 1 Team

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