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Hi Einstein,

Yesterday, in English, you were asked to use the vocabulary we have been focusing on in sentences, and there was a challenge to link the sentences together to make a coherent paragraph. I was blown away that 11 of you decided to challenge yourself and write a paragraph, but I was really impressed by Sam’s English as he not only completed the task and the challenge but went above and beyond to write 5 paragraphs as a story to showcase the words he had chosen. Here is his work – I know you will be as impressed as I was.

“The witch scowled because she had run out of frogs legs to make her greatest potion(a potion of invisibility).     

Captain Underpants felt turmoil as he was too weak to destroy the bad guy, he could only imagine what the city would look like later on.  

The rainbow was sad because the weather was squally and there was thunder so the sun refused to come out from behind the clouds. 

The giant was so immense that his head was in the clouds and he couldn’t see where the children were to capture and eat them. 

It was a full moon and the wolves howled loudly. 

Many people were thanking Beowulf for saving them from the giant , but he was very humble and said “I was only doing my job”. 

I looked tentatively around me to see if anyone was following me. 

Challenge: Link your six sentences into a story paragraph which flows and makes sense. 

Start here: 

  1.  The BEG ( the big evil giant ) was running around grabbing nightmares from his sack and putting them in the children’s brain . It was a full moon and wolves howled loudly. He looked around tentatively to see if anyone was watching and following him . The first nightmare went to a young boy called Harold who had been dreaming about captain underpants but had a nightmare about : captain underpants felt turmoil as he was too weak to fight the bad guy and could only dream about what the city would look like. 
  2. The next dream went to a teenager brewer called jimmy who loves making potions . His dream was : a witch was making a lot of potions and a virus that was going to be used as a poison. The  potion broke out and everyone who was around would got the virus and became very sick. That was his worst nightmare EVER.  
  3. The third dream went to a girl who had a love of rainbows and had a bed room with an immense rainbow painted onto the wall : the depressed rainbow was crying because it was a squally day and there was thunder so the sun refused to come out of hiding as it was scared of the horrible noise . 
  4. The BEG saved the last nightmare for Barbra Gorden.  It was about an immensely tall giant who was trying to capture all of her grandchildren. Beowulf, the warrior, killed the giant and took the children home.  Barbra thanked the warrior but Beowulf very humbly said “don’t thank me, I’m just doing my job” 
  5. The sun started coming out and the people woke up. So the BEG  keeps his identity secret, he quickly ran home to his evil cave lair and everyone else everyone forgot those awful dreams … “

Finally, please check the messages section of the class notebook today – the book I told you about yesterday arrived so I have read you the introduction and shown you one of the activities from it. I and my children really like it and can’t wait to do more activities. The title of the book is ’50 Ways to Feel Happy’.

Have a great day,

Ms James

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