Squirrels in the Garden

Hello everyone,

How has your day been? I hope you’ve been warm enough! I wore my raincoat and boots to school today! What has happened to the lovely sunshine?

When I got home from school this evening, guess what had happened in my garden? I have three bird feeders, one hanging from a branch on a tree and two hanging from a bird table. The squirrels had worked out how to knock the bird feeders off the hooks on the table and had taken the lid off them- all of the nuts and seeds had been eaten! I knew it was them as I had watched them on Saturday trying to do it. They are definitely determined, driven and have perseverance! I think they would fit in well at SDS 🙂

I’ll refill the feeders and let you know what happens tomorrow. Watch this space!

Take care and we’ll chat again tomorrow

Mrs Fennelly

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