Year 5 Dyson – Sea Poems





We hope you enjoyed writing a sea poem as much as we enjoyed reading them. Here are a few for you all to read.

A vibrant blue

A roar of stormy clouds

A whale’s calm sanctuary

A fierce graveyard

A mermaid’s paradise

A bath of sea creatures galore

A swimmers dream

A fisherman’s adventure


An unknown world still to be explored

By Chloe


The sea

The boats in the bay are bright as my summer sandal

The waves on an ocean frisky as our pet hamsters,

The castles on the sand brave as my sisters when they went on their first swim,

The waves are as high as the sky, nearly as high as the birds,

The sea is like a big bowl of salty water filled with lots of fish,

The surfers ride the big huge waves

I love the sea.

Finley H


The sea is home to love,

The sea is home to life.

The sea is home to fish who swim with all of their might.

It’s a bubble bath for fish,

It’s a bed of beauty and coral,

It’s an underwater world for all,

Where nothing is ever a bore..

But is there something more?

Alice G


The sea is


A fish’s castle

A eternal graveyard

A beaches compadre

A plastic dump

A rainbow of coral

A sailor tragic end

An octopus’s football field

A misused beauty

A place of light and hope

Finlay S


Come on son. We are going on a ride

But mum, Mum it’s still dark outside

They get in the car. They are going on a

Cruise. Dad stops at the ship and we all

Walk through,

The ship sets sail, The Sea was very wavy

I’m so glad I don’t work in the navy

Mum and dad are having great fun,

They think it’s fun just sitting in the sun

Little did they know that I felt sick,

Because of the big blue sea and the sharks in it.






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