Nearly the weekend Reception… keep going, you’re all working so hard whether in school or at home!

Gruffalo class are you ready for today’s learning? It’s Friday, and you’ve already worked so hard this week, just today’s work to do then you’re ready for a well deserved rest at the weekend.

We have lots more exciting superhero learning to do today, including writing about solving some superhero missions, and also being a superhero to solve the cases of the missing numbers. Are you ready for the challenge? Great! So, please log in to Tapestry for today’s tasks and we look forward to seeing all of your work as it comes in throughout the day.

We have also uploaded new reading books, so don’t forget to read the book from your colour band and learn your tricky words. Also added, there is another fun phonics game today for you to play.

Have a SUPER day,

The Reception Team


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