Good morning Simba class! We have a new theme called ‘Under the Sea’ for this week and next. All of the learning both in school and with our Home Learning will focus upon this theme, so whilst Gruffalo class are busy in school today, you will be continuing with the learning at home and again we will then swap later in the week.

So Simba children, for today’s learning you are going to be using your phonics skills to read some sentences about some sea creatures. Use the dots and dashes to help you read the Phase 2 and Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs within the words.

In Kinetic Letters, we are starting a new family of capital letters today, called The Sliding Letter Family. Don’t forget to watch the video from Mrs Read first as this will help you to remember what we say as we form each letter.

In writing we are going to be using some different sentence starters to help us think of our own sentences about under the sea.

In maths today we are going to be re looking at addition. Now we’re getting really good at it, we’re going to give you a choice of strategies to use. Which will you choose? Objects, counting groups to find a total, or a number line to count on?

There is also a new weekly theme sheet today, with ideas for other areas of learning within our Early Years curriculum.

We look forward to seeing your work as it comes in throughout the day. Have fun learning!

The Reception Team ☀️


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