Year 4 – Learning Next Week

Good morning and happy Friday everyone!

Well done on another fantastic week of home learning. Your hard work continues to impress both Miss Vokes and myself. We really are very proud of you all!

Next week, in maths, we will be learning about measure. Over the next couple of days, please try to collect some of the following items that you might have around the house as they will be helpful to complete the activities!

  • A ruler showing mm and cm
  • A tape measure
  • Weighing scales

On Friday next week, there will be the option to put your measuring knowledge and skills to the test by following a recipe to make either play-dough or vanilla cupcakes. I have posted a link to these recipes below in case you would like to check you have the correct ingredients at home. Please don’t worry if you do not have these ingredients at home and are unable to get them. There are alternative activities to complete instead!

The first recipe is to make play-dough –

The second recipe is to make vanilla cupcakes –

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Miss Harris

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