Have a GGRReat day Reception! 🦁 🐯

Gruffalo class are you ready for today’s learning? It’s Friday again, another week has flown by!

We have lots more exciting jungle themed learning to do today, including writing about some jungle animals and also using some jungle animal data to make a block graph. Once the graph is made, see if you can answer these questions:

Which has the most animals?

Which had the least animals?

How many elephants were there?

Were there more tigers or zebras? How many more?

How many safari animals were there altogether?

If you’re up for an additional challenge, there is an extension piece of work which involves you collecting data for favourite chocolate bars and showing it on a block graph. Here is some data to start you off:

Mrs Richards – Dairy milk

Mrs McMahon – Dairy milk

Mrs Read – Maltesers

Mrs Steadman – Crunchie

Mrs Batters – Galaxy

Mrs Faulkner – Dairy Milk

Mrs Butt – KitKat

So, please log in to Tapestry for today’s tasks and we look forward to seeing all of your work as it comes in throughout the day.

We have also uploaded new reading books, so don’t forget to read the book from your colour band and learn your tricky words.

Have a GGRRREAT day,

The Reception Team 🐅 🦁


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