Good afternoon year 4!

Good wet afternoon year 4!

Where has the lovely sunshine gone? I had to bring my coat and umbrella to school today. But I do love walking in the rain- I am not very good at puddle jumping! Elliot always challenges me to jump over the puddles and I somehow always manage to get wet feet. It was really lovely seeing you all on Monday- I couldn’t believe how much you have all grown. I think some of you may be taller than me now. Did you enjoy seeing your friends? I have been busy building my ‘little’ chicks a new house- they’re not so little anymore- they’ve grown rather big. I’ll try and get a photo of them to show you. But they’re not laying any eggs yet which is very disappointing. I hope they start laying soon as they should lay really big eggs. Emily and Elliot’s other chickens are laying their eggs everyday now so I’m having to do lots of baking to use them all up. Have  you baked anything delicious? I do love cake! Especially chocolate cake. Take care and I’ll see you soon. From Mrs Buckley.

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