Wow Reception, we had some amazing riddles coming into us yesterday! It was great to be able to guess your chosen food or drink from the clues you gave us.

Today we have lots more fun food activities in store for you. I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to being able to go out for food with my family again in the future. What is your favourite meal to eat out? Pizza, pasta, curry, burger, nuggets? Yum yum, my mouth is watering just thinking of those delicious foods.

Today’s writing task is to write a menu of your favourite foods, drinks and desserts. You might want to add prices too, then you could play restaurants at home afterwards if you want to.

We’ve also got some food based problem solving involving sharing (and this time we don’t mean being kind and sharing your sweets, we mean sharing the foods equally onto plates).

We’ve also uploaded new reading scheme books for you to read. 😀

Have a great day and we look forward to seeing your work as it comes uploads to Tapestry throughout the day.

The Reception Team 😀

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