A Great Day






Hello Everyone,

What a great day we’ve had today at school. It was wonderful to welcome the Year 5 children back to school for their picnic on the field. Everyone had so much fun with games, dancing, jokes and lovely food; it was so lovely to see everyone. Later in the day, Mandela class enjoyed their leavers picnic on the field with picnic food and pizzas. They children chatted, laughed and reminisced about their time at school. Again, it was such a pleasure to spend time with the class and enjoy this special picnic with them.

Around school, children were enjoying their learning and it was lovely to see and hear them so settled. During the afternoon, I spent time looking through the learning that had taken place at home and I was blown away to see so many pieces of work at such a high standard.

As always, I am so proud of everyone at SDS.

After this great day at school, when I got home, I checked on the plants I have been growing and was so pleased to see that my tomato plant, chili plant and strawberries are doing really well. I now have one tomato and ten strawberries! Ms Morrison will be very pleased as she grew my tomato and chili pant from seed in her greenhouse. 🙂

Have a lovely evening everyone, take care and we’ll chat again tomorrow.

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