The final Tuesday in Reception

Hello Reception.  It is our last Tuesday in school for the Gruffalos but the learning goes on (for Simbas too)!

Yesterday in school we shared a story about ‘Seren’s Seasons’ and had a discussion about what we enjoyed doing in the autumn and winter, some examples were – chasing leaves and making mud pies in the autumn and building snowmen and ice skating in the winter. We also explored numbers bigger than 100 which was great fun! Do you know how to write a zillion? No neither do I. We also made some lovely rainy day collages.

Today we are going to talk and write about what we like to do in the spring and summer. I wonder who will talk about going to the beach and swimming in the sea? We will have the opportunity to make a sunny, summery collage this afternoon. For maths we are going to be using Numicon to help with our calculations.

And before we know it the day will be over!

Have a lovely day everyone.

The Reception Team 😀



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