Year 4 – Poems

Good morning Year 4! Today I wanted to share some poems with you from yesterday’s home learning tasks – it was fantastic to see some funny and creative poems being written all about your favourite foods!

Keira’s poem:

Crisps are my favourite food
They put you in a good mood
I like to munch and crunch
On my crisps at lunch

Crisps are very tasty
Flavour in every bite
Some crisps are smooth
Some crisps are ridged
Some are bent
But all crisps are yummy and I want them in my tummy!






Robert’s poem:

During lockdown we had a special treat
Every Tuesday we had a takeaway
Mine and Dad’s normally had Jalapeños and meat but was always spicy
Mum’s was covered in vegetables (yuck)
Jessica’s had pineapple and ham

We had it on the floor while resting on a blanket
We sat next to the sofa
With an Enchilada spinner to add some more fun
Eating it with sauces, strong barbeque sauce and sickly garlic
It’s so delicious I’m not sharing my pizza with anyone!








Yuvraj’s poem:

I have tried lots of food from around the world
I have tried tandoori fish in India and Fish and chips in Vancouver
I had pasta in New York and Paella in Spain
But there is one meal that stands out the most
It has got to be PIZZA, which is basically cheese on toast!

You can have it for lunch or have it for dinner
You can have it with a cold drink, everyone is a winner
You can have it in a restaurant or simply at home
You can have it watching TV or while you’re on the phone

I don’t think I have ever had a bad pizza
I think an artist ate pizza when they painted the Mona Lisa
You can have it in dominos and pizza hut
You can have it in pizza express before it is shut

My favourite pizza is a good old margarita
I like to look at it and say ‘I’m going to eat ya!’
Show me someone who doesn’t love pizza
And I will change my name to Mona Lisa !






Hollie’s poem:

Mint Oreos

Mint Oreos are as tasty as can be,
They smell like ordinary Oreos but are not,
It has a brown cover also known as a biscuit,
In the middle it has the spirit of green,
They taste like mint ice-cream and a chocolate biscuit,
The most satisfying thing I’ve seen is when you peel the biscuit off the top.









This will be my last blog of the year as tomorrow you will have one from Miss Joinson and then your final 2 days will be from Miss Harris. I hope you have enjoyed reading these – I have definitely enjoyed writing them and it has made me feel like I am talking to you each day which has been great!

Have a wonderful Tuesday and enjoy the last few days of Year 4!

Miss Vokes

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